The celebration of Hari Belia Negara (National Youth Day) is to honour the youth of the country as they have contributed greatly to the country and government.  They should not be viewed as a burden but rather they can be a precious asset to the nation as they are the determinants of the durability and strength of social, political and economic in the future.
As many as 11.9 million youth to be restored to the national development process by placing them in the mainstream of national responsibility that should be supported by all government agencies, private sector and NGO’s. They need to be educated, to be heard and appreciated by the various movements and excellent programs.
The concept of 1 Belia 1 Malaysia has been able to demonstrate their potential and they constantly need to be intensified. The success of National Youth Day 2010 was the best turning point towards bringing young blood to healthy and beneficial activities. The participation of youth in youth organizations continue to increase as a result of a surge of motivation for the Hari Belia Negara 2010 (2010 National Youth Day) should be maintained.